About Annette

Annette O’Donnell is an Earth Angel offering Health and Wealth solutions as an Author and Mindset Coach alongside her truly inspirational Leadership as an Entrepreneur.

She commits her heart and soul in supporting others through illness recovery, with motivational writing, speaking events and coaching programmes.

Her early career in TV and Film developed her Art and Communication skills which were key in the Art Academy she founded and still runs.

Her aim is to spread Hope, Health and Happiness to others. Annette is a carrier of light and her presence in any situation brings Acceptance, Positivity and Change.

Most of her leisure time is spent with family, friends and pets, self development study and painting with Angels on Art Canvas (a spiritual practice that was revealed to her in a profound healing awakening).

Co-author of ASPIRE – Women Finding Their Purpose.

Find out how Annette overcome her health struggles to become the inspirational woman she is now!

ASPIRE Book has been released!

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